TaskEasy Financing

We've reinvented the financing process so you can grow your business. 

Whether you’re starting a business or sustaining one – TaskEasy understands that growing your business doesn't happen overnight and financing new equipment doesn't always make financial sense...until now.

With financing from TaskEasy you can enjoy these great benefits:

Payments deducted from each TaskEasy job payout, as little as $1 per job (see approved Loan Amount Chart)

Minimum monthly payment (2.5% of the loan balance)– Affordable even in the off-season

Revolving credit line which allows you to easily finance equipment purchased from the TaskEasy store again and again, as needed

Free shipping on orders over $25 (except equipment orders to Alaska and Hawaii, additional handling fees may apply)

To Qualify:

• You must be a TaskEasy Contractor for a minimum of 3 months

• Perform an average of at least five (5) TaskEasy jobs per week

• Account status with TaskEasy is in "Good Standing"

Loan Details:

Credit Limit: Up to $5,000, based on the number of Approved Properties

Minimum Initial Loan Amount: $500

Draw Period: 24 months ($100 minimum draw request)

• Minimum Payment: $1 per job performed (see Loan Chart)

Minimum Monthly Payment: 2.5% of the loan balance (minimum $20)

Loan Origination Fee: 2.0% of the initial loan (minimum $35)

Target Repayment Term: 104 weeks (2 years)

Minimum Down Payment: 10%

Interest Rate: 10%

Summary Loan Amount Chart:

Loan Amount Chart as of Apr 4, 2017



Credit Limit

Minimum Payment based on Loan Amount

$1 per Job

$2 per Job

$3 per Job

$4 per Job

$5 per Job




































Example of loan amortization schedule based on a finance amount of $1,000.

Upon approval of your credit limit, your payment schedule will vary based on the loan amount and average number of properties you maintain on a regular basis.

If the average number of jobs you perform increases a significant amount, you may be eligible for additional financing. To inquire about additional financing, contact store@taskeasy.com.

In the event your task count falls below the minimum (average five jobs per week), your payment amount will be adjusted to meet the minimum payment requirement shown in the Loan Amount Chart.

How to Apply

If you qualify for TaskEasy Equipment Financing, you will be contacted by TaskEasy via email with your approved credit limit.

TaskEasy will provide you with a promotional code that allows you place your order in the TaskEasy Contractor Store with only 10% down (plus sales tax, if applicable).

Approved contractors may request to apply more than 10% to their down payment. Please contact us in regards to increasing your down payment before applying your promotional code.

When your order is placed, TaskEasy will email the finance agreement needed in order to complete the sale to you.

Finance Agreement

A promissory note and repayment terms will be sent via email following the transaction of the down payment and is to be signed by the borrower and sent back to TaskEasy prior to shipment of any purchased equipment.

Promissory Note – Sample


Equipment financed through TaskEasy will take approximately 10-14 business days to ship. We will update you with tracking information once your order ships.

Minimum Monthly Payment

A minimum monthly payment of the greater of 2.5% of the loan balance or $20 is required on all financed equipment. In the event that your deducted job minimum does not meet the minimum monthly payment and an alternative payment method has not been arranged, TaskEasy will extract the balance of the minimum monthly payment from the bank account you have on file with us.